Bienvenido a Miami! Got here by flying? Via cruise ship? Or are you almost at the end of your road trip  all the way south to Key West and just want to take that tempting stop to see the city of television fame? You'll have to get a little sweaty if you only have a day to spare: it gets a little hot here, with an average temperature of 95ºF (35ºC) on most days. You will need those flip-flops, sundress and a glass (or two) of mojitos!


Why don't we start by filling up your tummy with a hearty morning meal and a refreshing mimosa from News Cafe? Make sure you sit next to the sidewalk for some therapeutic people-watching. These are the best seats on the street!

The Beach

I hope you have sunblock and swimwear with you: You can dip your toes in the warm surf waters, or rub your feet deep into the sand on Miami Beach (it's the closest thing to Bahamian sand as it shares a lot of the same characteristics as the Caribbean). All you have to do is cross the street from your seat!

The Shopping

I always love seeing the old Miami Art Deco vibe. Lincoln Road Mall is your place to be if you're into more people watching and even Salsa lessons at night. I love the fabulous relaxed kind of style on this stretch. Grab a cup (or four) of coffee at the amazing Nespresso Miami Boutique once you can't feel your feet anymore. Or if you are starving after your retail therapy, there's an amazing place nearby. The Fried chicken is to die for, short rib and mac & cheese with blackberry bourbon lemonade? Yardbird is not to miss!

The Gables

History is what Coral Gables offer. Home of the historical rock carved Venetian Pool, Fairchild Botanical Garden and Lowe Art Museum featuring Cuban and Caribbean works. I can just drive around the street in constant awe of the mansions that I admire. If you've planned to explore on a Sunday, it's just your luck. For a few bucks you can feast on a brunch at the Biltmore Hotel. Remember to take a stroll for your photo op in the courtyard!

The Sunset

It's no Key West since you're mostly on the east side of Florida, but you can still catch that magical hour with a visit to Fisher Island. Here the homes of rich and the famous line the streets which can easily be seen from Smith & Wollensky's patio bar. Happy Hour there isn't cheap though! You've been warned!

I'll admit: one day is totally not enough to explore Miami. It's a big, and most definitely, expensive city. One Day in Ft Lauderdale might be another option for you to consider if you're a little bit more adventurous...

Header image by Ryan Spencer via Unsplash