We've got an extremely ambitious destination list. And we've just added this beautiful gem.

From our savior Wikipedia:

Mount Taranaki, or Mount Egmont, is a dormant stratovolcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. Although the mountain is more commonly referred to as Taranaki, it has two official names under the alternative names policy of the New Zealand Geographic Board. The 2,518 metres (8,261 ft) mountain has a secondary cone, Fanthams Peak (Māori: Panitahi), 1,966 metres (6,450 ft), on its south side. Because of its resemblance to Mount Fuji, Taranaki provided the backdrop for the movie The Last Samurai.

Aside from its striking presence on the skyline, Mount Taranaki cloaks a fairly unique feature owing to its national park boundaries: as you can see in the header image, the circle of green is where the trees of the national park generally end and the rural farm areas begin. This area was designated as a Forest Reserve in 1881, the six mile park radius is clearly visible on satellite imagery.

Where are some other strikingly beautiful destinations we should consider?