We're Homeless.

We're Homeless.

We're homeless, but not without places to live.

The world is our home, and so long as suitable shelter is available, we'll lay our heads down there before venturing to the next stop. After all, what is a traditional "home" except a place we buy into, often only by social convention, used mostly for the accumulation of "stuff" and the occasional mixer?

We mostly used our home for sleeping and storage. By shedding our seemingly compulsive collecting of things, we've reduced our need of shelter to only cover our bodies as we sleep; we can generally sleep anywhere, and since we don't spend too long in any particular place, we are afforded the opportunity for short-term stays nearly anywhere we want to go.

This certainly doesn't mean we don't have a place to call our own. Sometimes life challenges us in ways we can't expect. So we do have fairly inexpensive back-up accommodations, which we own, in an Low Cost of Living (LCOL) area which we can use to regroup if ever something were to happen.

Get rid of your stuff. Even if you don't plan to travel, it's keeping you from your other goals or hobbies by sucking up your available capital.

Header image by Akshay Gujar via Unsplash